About Syracuse University

Established in 1870

Since its founding in 1870, Syracuse University has established a proud tradition of bringing students from diverse backgrounds together to create, grow, and break boundaries. Established as a private, coeducational institution in the heart of New York, Syracuse University is committed to every student’s individual growth and prides itself as a warm, welcoming, vibrant community.


Syracuse faculty is made up of 1,043 full-time instructional faculty members, 94 part-time members, and 472 adjunct professors. Approximately 86 percent of full-time faculty members have earned a Ph.D. or professional degree. 

Global Student and Alumni Network

More than 15,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students walk through the university, which boasts a global alumni network made up of more than a quarter million graduates in 160 countries.


Syracuse is a proud supporter of military members and veterans. In 1946, the university welcomed returning World War II veterans under the G.I. Bill of Rights and enrollment tripled overnight.